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Silver/Goldtone Cuff Bracelet: $9.99

world market bracelets

boho bracelets from World Market

Just recently, my husband informed me that he prefers the “librarian Jody” over “hippie Jody” look. @#$%??!!! Since moving to Chicago from Atlanta, I’ve definitely adopted a more boho look than the super preppy look that was all the rage in the ATL back in the early 2000s. Empire waist, floaty tops, wide leg jeans, India-print inspired dresses. I love it all! Mr. C wears a self-imposed uniform every day, so I say he doesn’t get a vote.

So, when my friend Elizabeth sent me this link, I had to share. World Market has a fun jewelry section full of bold, ethnic pieces that suit my personal style to a “t.” I have a special fondness for really big cuff bracelets. (The photographer who works for my design firm likes to call me Wonder Woman when I wear them. Tee hee!)

These particular bracelets are lovely! Made in India with floral etching, these would be a lovely accent to a bohemian chiffon blouse or even a basic LBD. I’m not sure what the material is (probably brass), so if you have sensitive skin like I do, I’ll let you in on a little secret: buy moleskin and line the inside of the bracelet with it. Your skin will thank you.

But maybe not your husband. (Thumbs nose at Mr. C)


Sterling Silver “Ball” Earrings: $5

Silver Ball Earrings

I know, I know. I haven’t been particularly attentive to my blog since I launched it. Work has been a little hairy this last month, but I promise to try to keep up a better pace here at Less Than 10.

And so… that brings me to our topic du jour: jewelry. I’ve had many conversations with my girlfriends about “investment pieces” vs. fashion jewelry (Target has really fun of-the-moment pieces) and I’ve concluded that the best items can be both precious and inexpensive. Enter sterling silver. Even though sterling is a precious metal, it’s amazingly affordable. And it’s non-irritating: great if you have sensitive skin like I do.

Of all the earrings in my jewelry arsenal, I wear my sterling silver ball earrings the most. Somehow, they always make me feel dressed up. (People say the same thing about diamond studs, but we’d be hard-pressed to find those under $10!) What love about these earrings is that they don’t fight with any other jewelry you might want to wear at the same time. I have an amazing Links of London necklace (Objets Trouvés) that is definitely a statement piece, and the only earrings that seem to work with it are the silver studs.

Ladies, if you have your ears pierced and don’t already own a pair of these, order them now! You won’t regret it – especially for the price.