Smith’s Rosebud Salve: $6

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

This stuff is simple remarkable! If I don’t have it in my purse, I feel naked. That’s how much I love it.

It’s a lip balm & an everthing balm, with a delicate rose smell and non-greasy consistency. I prefer to use it on my lips (it gives a lovely, natural rose-y glow), but I also discovered that it works miracles on my cracked knuckles during Chicago winters. The 0.8 ounce tin seems to last forever, too. You can find it in all sorts of retail/e-tail locations, including C.O. Bigelow (in-store and online), Urban Outfitters (in-store) and


Bigelow Constant Comment Tea: $6

Constant Comment Tea

My mom and mom-in-law will probably be on board with this one: there is nothing more comforting than a cup of Constant Comment tea. (Note: link shows price for case, which is 6 boxes – thanks for the correction, Valorie!)

Strong, slightly sweet tea flavored with spices and orange rind, Constant Comment will always take me to a happy place. The best part? It comes in caffeinated, decaf, and green tea varieties.

I’ll never forget when I was first “leaving the nest” to start my career in Atlanta, and my parents were helping me stock my first apartment in Dunwoody. Dad triumphantly appeared, grinning ear-to-ear, at the checkout with a 40-bag box of Constant Comment Tea. I loved that he knew how much it would make me feel at home.

Luxo Oporto Sandalwood Soap: $6

Luxo Oporto Sandalwood Soap
If this scent isn’t addictive, I don’t know what is! I bought this on a whim while Christmas shopping at Macy’s State Street, which boasts a well-stocked Mertz Apothecary.

I intended for it to be a gift, but the scent was so intoxicating I just couldn’t part with it! Larger than the average bar of soap with a very pungent scent, this is a small luxury worth every one of the six bucks it costs. As a designer, I find the simple paper packaging worthy of display, too. A guest opened mine during a New Years fête at our house and it made the whole bathroom smell wonderful. The consistency is very milky and moisturizing. I find myself wandering into the bathroom looking for any excuse to wash my hands. Amazingly, the scent lingers. Yummy!

Baby’s First Blog

Admittedly, I’m a little late to this blog thing. OK, a lot late. But I finally had an idea that would motivate me to write about things aside from the usual blather that happens on blogs. Not that there’s anything wrong with blather – I just needed something to keep myself interested.

Some blogs that I frequent are about design. Some are about food. Some are about travel. Why not have one for ALL of these types of things? With a twist. And that’s how the idea for this blog was born. I’m a bonafide shopaholic. But I’m also a consummate bargain shopper. So I’ve undertaken a quest to write about things that I love that cost less than $10. The categories will be broad, but the cost will be common – less than ten. Wish me luck!