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Crayola Box of 64: $5.99

I can hardly believe I haven’t written a post about this yet! Behold, the Crayola Box of 64!

As a little girl (and even now, as a grown up girl), I thought there was nothing better than a brand new box of Crayolas. All of those fresh, pointy crayons and nice, waxy smell. Oh, the memories they bring back. Remember getting ticked off when the sharpener in the back got clogged? Remember how annoyed you got when the nice, pointy tip got flat? Remember peeling back the paper to expose more crayon? Remember finding technicolor doggie-doo in the back yard after your dog ate your Crayolas? (Ummmm… OK, that memory is probably mine alone.)

Best of all, remember your favorite color? Mine was (and still is!) Sea Green. Followed very closely by Peach, Cornflower Blue and Periwinkle.

Those of you with children probably get to enjoy Crayolas more than the average adult (like on your walls…and on your furniture). But even if you are a DINK like me, I highly recommend picking up a jumbo newsprint pad, and buying a brand new box of Crayolas. You never know – you might just find your inner child and even create some refrigerator art in the process!