Umbra Grassy Organizer: $9.50

Whimsy yet functional. Cute yet practical. I could go on, but I’d rather cut to the chase: how cute is Umbra’s Grassy Organizer?!  In a sea of eyesore home organization doodads, this is a standout. It makes me smile just looking at it.

I love the New York Times’ recommended use for it: a toothbrush holder! No more worrying about if your toothbrush’s girth is too much for a standard holder. Brilliant.

I want one!


2 responses to “Umbra Grassy Organizer: $9.50

  1. This would look great on my desk at school, keeping the gazillion pens and pencils i have in order. Have you seen them in the stores?

  2. I really love this grassy organizer, as do all my kids at school. They love taking all the pens, pencils, etc. out of it and “reloading it.” Thanks for the perfect gift.

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