Pretty Old Navy Soap: 2 for $5

Old Navy Soap

During a routine shopping exercise (ahem), I wandered into Old Navy, tempted by the bold, black and white patterns that graced the displays. Not a minute later, I feasting my eyes on the loveliest bath and body display I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if all Old Navy’s feature these items (I can’t find them online ANYWHERE), but I had to share.

At least 8 different scents (including Clean Musk, Vanilla, Pear, Peony, and Green Tea) paraded as soap, candles, lotion and reed diffusers. Not only were the smells divine (very natural – not perfume-y or artificial), the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. Each scent has its own unique black and white pattern accented by a single color. For example, Green Tea is, well, green. And peony is pink.

I bought three immediately as gifts. Then I went back to stockpile some more. I really hope they keep things like this around! Over the holidays, they had some of the prettiest graphic wrapping paper I’ve come across. Old Navy must have some talented designers working for them 😉

PS: Their current line of enamel accessories is very of-the-moment and cool, but alas, my favorites are not under $10. $12.50, if you must know…


11 responses to “Pretty Old Navy Soap: 2 for $5

  1. Interesting, isn’t it? How smart and attractive packaging makes a product so much more desirable.

  2. do you by any chance know where to buy them online? They’re not on their wp. Thxs!

  3. Hi Leo – Nope, I don’t think you can buy them online. I live in Chicago, and I’ve only ever seen them in-store.

  4. As mentioned previously, you can only purchase in store. That’s really too bad, because each store does not carry them. These are great and smell wonderful. OLD NAVY get a clue and get them online.

  5. For all those that live in the Hanover, VA area the Old Navy in Arundel Mills Malls carries these soaps. I came across them the first time yesterday and walked out the store with 4 bars . I can’t to try ’em!!

  6. I would love to purchase some of the soaps. I have one left and am procrastinating in using it! Where can I buy?

  7. I can’t find these online anywhere either! Where did you get this photo?

  8. Hi Kristan – I took the photo at my house. Like you, I couldn’t find any reference to these online, and just had to share how pretty they are.

  9. Apparently they are still on sale, because I just bought two bars (guava and vanilla bean) and it’s November! I have been trying to find these online as well– a Google search of “Old Navy Soap” led me here, in fact. The vanilla bean bar… oh my. I may as well buy 10 for myself!

  10. Hi Jody,

    The reason I found your post is because when I went to stock up on more of these great soaps the other day (almost a 1.5 years after your original post) Old Navy Store didn’t have them any more. They said they stopped all the lotion and skin care products and they “should” bring them back only for the holidays! So if/when you do your holiday shopping make sure you get some because I sure will!

    Thanks for posting this because like you said nowhere on line could I find anything about these soaps.


  11. hi everyone,
    I got 2 bars as a present on my school bus, my husband loves them.. I cant find them anywhere. I need help getting more bars. please help me.

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