Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain: $8

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain

I want to be a lip gloss girl. Because shiny, glossy lips are sexy. However, leaving slimy lip prints on wine glass is not. Ew.

Sadly, I have probably a half a dozen (maybe more) partially-used tubes of gloss that I will never touch again because of the sticky factor. Continue reading


Silver/Goldtone Cuff Bracelet: $9.99

world market bracelets

boho bracelets from World Market

Just recently, my husband informed me that he prefers the “librarian Jody” over “hippie Jody” look. @#$%??!!! Since moving to Chicago from Atlanta, I’ve definitely adopted a more boho look than the super preppy look that was all the rage in the ATL back in the early 2000s. Empire waist, floaty tops, wide leg jeans, India-print inspired dresses. I love it all! Mr. C wears a self-imposed uniform every day, so I say he doesn’t get a vote.

So, when my friend Elizabeth sent me this link, I had to share. World Market has a fun jewelry section full of bold, ethnic pieces that suit my personal style to a “t.” I have a special fondness for really big cuff bracelets. (The photographer who works for my design firm likes to call me Wonder Woman when I wear them. Tee hee!)

These particular bracelets are lovely! Made in India with floral etching, these would be a lovely accent to a bohemian chiffon blouse or even a basic LBD. I’m not sure what the material is (probably brass), so if you have sensitive skin like I do, I’ll let you in on a little secret: buy moleskin and line the inside of the bracelet with it. Your skin will thank you.

But maybe not your husband. (Thumbs nose at Mr. C)

Burt’s Bees Radiance Lotion: $8.99

On Friday, I had a hot dinner date with my husband. It was his birthday and I was treating him to dinner at Alinea. For those of you who are into food, you know this a restaurant the caliber Chez Panisse or French Laundry – worthy of ditching my usual jeans and slipping into a dress.

I bought a sassy new dress for the occasion, but as I looked down at legs that hadn’t seen the light of day in a while, I knew I needed some help. In desperation, I went on an excavation mission in the bathroom to unearth a miracle beauty product. At the bottom of one of my “product baskets,” there it was: Burt’s Bees Radiance Lotion.

I had forgotten about this wonderful lotion. As I slathered it on, I noticed, immediately, that my skin looked healthier and the tone was more even. And a wee bit shimmery. Not I’m-a-teenager-on-a-glitter-binge shimmery, but just enough to make the gams seem a little “dressed up,” if you will.

Why the heck was it in the bottom of the bin?! Well, the consistency is much thinner than normal lotion and it has mica in it, which accounts for the subtle shimmer I noticed. Not your every day lotion, but for a special occasion, yowza! Definitely recommended.

Chicago Public Library Card: FREE!

This one is for my Book Club Gals…

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t had a library card in over 10 years. So, this year, when I joined a Book Club started by a group of friends, buying books started to become a little expensive. After several months of buying books from Amazon and Target (and lotsa money later), I FINALLY broke down and made a special excursion to the Harold Washington Library on Saturday.

For those of you not from Chicago, let me just tell you, the Harold Washington Library is gorgeous. Enormous brass doors, a giant marble lobby and books as far as the eye can see. My inner librarian practically reveled in reading the call numbers and hunting for my book.

Not only can you check out books, but there are TONS of periodicals, DVDs, and CDs at your disposal. Next time Josh and I take a long road trip, you can be sure that I’ll be checking out an audio book or two!

One of the greatest benefits of having a Chicago Public Library Card is the online tools. You can renew your book online and place books on hold – you arrive and simply pick them up.

I can’t believe, as a taxpayer, I haven’t been making use of the library. Shame on me. And shame on you if you don’t have a library card, either!

Crayola Box of 64: $5.99

I can hardly believe I haven’t written a post about this yet! Behold, the Crayola Box of 64!

As a little girl (and even now, as a grown up girl), I thought there was nothing better than a brand new box of Crayolas. All of those fresh, pointy crayons and nice, waxy smell. Oh, the memories they bring back. Remember getting ticked off when the sharpener in the back got clogged? Remember how annoyed you got when the nice, pointy tip got flat? Remember peeling back the paper to expose more crayon? Remember finding technicolor doggie-doo in the back yard after your dog ate your Crayolas? (Ummmm… OK, that memory is probably mine alone.)

Best of all, remember your favorite color? Mine was (and still is!) Sea Green. Followed very closely by Peach, Cornflower Blue and Periwinkle.

Those of you with children probably get to enjoy Crayolas more than the average adult (like on your walls…and on your furniture). But even if you are a DINK like me, I highly recommend picking up a jumbo newsprint pad, and buying a brand new box of Crayolas. You never know – you might just find your inner child and even create some refrigerator art in the process!

Umbra Grassy Organizer: $9.50

Whimsy yet functional. Cute yet practical. I could go on, but I’d rather cut to the chase: how cute is Umbra’s Grassy Organizer?!  In a sea of eyesore home organization doodads, this is a standout. It makes me smile just looking at it.

I love the New York Times’ recommended use for it: a toothbrush holder! No more worrying about if your toothbrush’s girth is too much for a standard holder. Brilliant.

I want one!

Ikea “Blomster” Vase: $2.99

Ikea Blomster Vase

I’m LOVING the bright palettes permeating the fashion and home fashion worlds this spring! Lime greens, azure blues, lemon-y yellows, bright reds and oranges… So fabulous! I’ve managed to amass quite a collection of clippings, taken from catalogs and fashion magazines, for inspiration. Seeing it is making me want to go crazy and paint my house radical colors, to my husband’s dismay. Not that I would… but it’s fun to think about it!

I guess I’ll have to settle for something a little more subtle, like Ikea’s “Blomster” vase in celadon green. So cute! Pop a single red flower in there (red and green are complementary colors, after all), and voila! Spring has sprung.